Facilities Management Brisbane

Facilities Management covers not only the day-to-day cleaning and repairs, but also long-term maintenance and operations. It involves setting operational and performance goals for the systems within a building so that the facility operates effectively. These systems can include anything from Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) to communications, so careful planning is vital to successful maintenance.

Baker Facilities Management has a team of facility managers based throughout Brisbane, Gold Coast, Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast and Queensland dedicated to the maintenance, renewing and sustainability of our client’s buildings. Our facility management service covers all industries and areas, providing a service that is incomparable.

Our Facilities Management Team take care of commercial facilities, Industrial Facilities, Residential Facilities, Aged Care Facilities, Health Care Facilities, Day Care Facilities, Government Facilities, sport and recreational facilities and marine facilities.  

Baker Facilities Management and its diverse team of Facility managers and specialized facility budgeting staff can work with you to produce the most cost effective, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing maintenance plans, reports and packages in the industry. Our Facility Management Plans are customized to suit your facility’s needs, with 24/7 contact with one of our dedicated Facility Managers, there will no longer be any stress when it comes to maintaining and sustaining your building.

Baker FM assigns you with your own personal facility manager. They are in charge of your communications and handling all trades and services. This can be your direct contact instead of contacting the admin team, giving us that personal touch.

Baker FM can provide you with assistance in ensuring your building is always compliant with new laws and regulations.

Baker Residential Facilities Management Divison has a vast array of options that are customisable to ensure your facility is continuously growing in value whilst maintaining sustainable lifestyle improvements.

Our Diverse Commercial Facilities Management team has top tier systems in place to ensure operations and assets are best maintained to reduce down time and improve longevity.

The Industrial Facilities Management team at Baker FM are well equiped to handle any un-expected ad hoc requests and can handle the pressure of an industrial complex

Why have a maintenance program?

 Some of the reasons why it is an essential to have a  maintenance program:

  • It is the most cost-effective way to maintain the value of your asset.
  • Services can be monitored to ensure efficient use
  • The standard and presentation of your building can be maintained
  • Subjective decision making and emergency corrective maintenance are minimised
  • When small defects are taken care of it heavily reduces the chances of a major repair issue