Facility Services

Baker FM’s Facility Services Division  comprised of decades of experience, with works ranging from cleaning, landscape, security services and lift management to full Pest, waste, water or electrical management. With a passionate team, our staff are always trying to stay two steps ahead of your facilities service requirements.

Baker FM has a highly commited Commercial and Industrial Cleaning Crew Based in Brisbane .

Baker FM Provide, Commercial and Business security along with Wireless and electronic Security services.

We can handle all your pest and waste management requirements with our team of skilled pest controlers and waste managers.

Our Environmental and sustainability team is dedicated to ensuring the environment is taken care of and your facility is sustained to the highest quality.

Our water efficiency programs ensure your premisis is maximising benifits from minimal usage of water.

An energy audit is an inspection, survey and analysis of energy flows for energy conservation in a building. This can assist Management in making decision regarding sustainability options for example the environmental and economic return on changing none energy saving light bulbs to more sustainable options.

Baker FM can provide a fully cost effective and efficient, quality assured landscape maintenance program.

Our Lift services and Fire Team can take care of all your lift requirements and ensure that your building is up to fire standard at all times.